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Trini Jungle Juice: Trinidad & Tobago Soca Music

Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD (Gay 588 Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) applauded Martin 8767 s move, saying 8775 His decision to model this kind of openness and honesty can lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in ., in Latin America and worldwide.”


have you ever heard the songs, Don 8767 t cry daddy by Elvis and Billy and Sue by . Thomas?
they always make me cry when I hear them played on the radio.

New Couple Alert: Halle Berry and Her Lesbun Lover Go Public!

I completely agree with almost your entire list!. I cried my eyes out, especially at #8. Our quarterback at my high school committed suicide our sophomore year in saw it coming and that song summed it up. Thank You for posting!

The cutters lullaby- Tamara Minaoui (poem/ lullaby. Not a song)
How to save a life- The Fray
Welcome to the black parade- My Chemical romance
If it means alot to you- A Day To Remember
The last night- Skillet
Drown- Three Days Grace

If you are going this route about who is gay and need to come out in the industry then you might as well as all of Hollyweird, all rappers, all R& B singers/ songstress, all backup dancers to come out. No need in singling folks out when this list is long as hell. That includes your folks Tiny, TI, Monica and any other entertainment black folks in the A you hold up to Jesus.

8775 Why would I choose to be gay and live a life of crude, rude, and disrespectful comments? Why would I want to be something that church despise, women despise, and family turn their backs on? Why would I choose to be made a mockery of when murders/criminals are forgiven on a daily? 8776

Carn 8767 t belive no on-one has mentioned elvis two songs that sping to mind are you gave me a mountain and my boy both about a dad who just wants his child

YO..this ish is sooooo funny, I am at my desk dying (literally) why yall mad at sandra for EXPOSING these people???? I look at it like this…they want us to spend our money on their music, movies and tv shows..then they should be honest with the viewers!! Some of the people she exposed are honestly NO the brat (duhhhh) will smith and jada (duhhhhhh) tyler perry ( duhhhh) come on son!!!! Trick daddy been put trina on blast for having threesomes and her being with woman!! queen latifah is another NO BRAINER!!! SO REALLY WHO IS SHE PUTTING ON BLAST!! missy elliot PAHLEAZE!! and I agree with sandra in my eyes Ricky Martin gets ZERO POINTS for coming out NOW, he should have took that stand when he was at the top of his career, dont do it now when you are trying to get book sales for your new book!!! SO LAME!! but of course we will have all the cool aide drinkers drinking that big fat ole glass of cool aide in denial!!! Lmao

Sandra Rose, no you did not!!! Ok, usually I can laugh at some of ur antics. Ok, a lot of times I laugh at ur antics. Ur wrong for this. So wrong for doing this. Sure, it 8767 s just ur opinion, and for some on this list people probably suspect it anyways. These people all have families, whether it 8767 s wife and kids, or just family in general. People will speak and talk about their sexuality when they feel ready.

#85, you think people choose to go thru the hassles of being ridiculed and outted by the likes of sandra, all for sport? being 5 and coming is a stretch, i mean sh!t, what was that conversation like at 5 with her parents?